Biologically, chronologically, or mentally? by Neverjay

A quick snapshot of Dummy (in various forms) for Scifigrl47 and her wonderful fic series Tale of the Bots because who doesn’t enjoy sentient A.I. suddenly finding themselves human? 

Gipsy Rangers by Neverjay

tiny pilots!!

two dorks in love

liiiiiine art

Rise of the Guardians was such a fun movie and so, while North is probably my favorite, I couldn’t resist making the tiny Jack nesting-doll. Bunny showed up later to heckle him. Tooth is in the works. I just don’t know if I want to go plush or another clay doll….hmm..

These two are made out of painted clay (and some very steady pen-work), nothing fancy. :D

Happy Halloween. Hope you had a spooky one. :3


Kingdom Hearts 3D comes out in two months! Here, have some heartless.


Since my friends have been bugging me to give them my Butterbeer recipe I thought I would share it with tumblr too. :D

Sky’s Deliciously Magical Butterbeer:

        Cream Soda (go with the best you can find, not the cheap stuff)
        Marshmallow fluff (either a small jar or melt your own marshmallows)
        1Tbs Butter flavoring (or to taste)
        1/2 tsp Vanilla Flavoring/Extract (or to taste. You only need a little bit.)
        (optional- a smidgen of half and half)

        1.Mix Marsh mellow fluff and flavoring together in a bowl
        (to make it a slightly easier consistency to work with mix in a little half and half into the marshmallow. You need some if you use a jar of marshmallow fluff, but I’m not sure with melted marshmallows)
        2. Taste test that delicious
        3. Put Cream soda in the coolest glass you can, fill till about an inch to a half inch from the top, depending on how much marshmallow want(beer mugs are awesome)
        4. Cover the top with the marshmallow deliciousness
        5. Do not. And I repeat. DO NOT put a straw into the drink until the bubbles from the soda reach the top of the marshmallow. Otherwise it will explode (which is hilarious but wastes the delicious) (Personally it tastes better without a straw cause then you can get the marshmallow and the cream soda in each sip)
        6. Enjoy the heck out of that drink
        7. You’re a wizard Harry!!

This makes a lot, so make sure to have a bunch of friends try it with you! Someone should also try an iced one and let me know how it goes!! :D

(Art is by the amazingly awesome :3

Animorphs this time. (The ship is based off of this design and the best fanon idea where instead of everyone becoming either a) dead or b) depressed as hell) Rachel and Tobias live on as a spaceship and a hawk and procede to fly off into the sunset, and live happily, if very strangely, ever after. 

 It still wouldn’t be the weirdest thing to happen in those books.

I hate Bolivian Army Endings.

Sometimes, I imagine, they get so drunk that they forget how to sober up so Aziraphale will sit there blearily snapping his fingers (wondering why it’s not working for G-F-Manchester’s sake) and Crowley will whine at him to fix his hangover, too because a) sloth is Crowley’s favorite sin and b) it’s funny.

Strayaway sketches, starring Feather, Whiskey, and all the rest of the cousins.

More fan art. Terrible rendition of the Bunny Parka. Etc.